Did you know that our teachers Els, Ingeborg, Maaike, Aleida and Agnes are happy to speak English in sewing class? In their groups we also welcome international customers! New at your sewing machine or rather sewing with guidance and good company? In our sewing class you have a weekly session of creativity and get-together in an inspiring environment at the Meelfabriek in Leiden. During the sessions you can work on sewing clothes/accessories you choose yourself: make what makes you happy!

In the sessions of this sewing class you will work at your own level and your own pace: from beginner to advanced. For the beginner level you learn to work with patterns, fabric and sewing machine. For the advanced level you can dive into different techniques that you apply in garment you want to sew. In the groups you will see a mix of Dutch and English speaking customers: a good way to get to know Dutch & English sewing styles!

The sessions are organized weekly in a small group: 8 persons is our maximum.

Price: € 25 per session of 2 hours

  • Start with a regular subscription per 12 sessions at the cost of 1x € 290 or in 2x € 150.
  • Start with the trial subscription of 6 sessions: € 157,50. After your trial subscription you go ahead in a regular subscription that is paid per 6 or 12 sessions.

Check our “let’s pin the rules page” that explain the details of our subscription here.

Included in the price

All you need for a good sewing-class session is available at Atelier Kleurstof: inspiring spacious workspace, sewing machines, coverlock & lock machine, steam-iron, comfortable cutting tables, sewing-patterns, pattern-paper, scissors, fabric-scraps, measurement tools, drawing tools and a cosy home-table with coffee/tea and sweets.

We also offer a selection of fabrics and supplies for sale. Based on our experience in sewing classes, we have selected quality fabrics for your projects during sewing classes. We also have yarn and other sewing supplies available.

PS: Best you bring your own sewing machine to learn how to sew at home too. We always have our sewing-machines at your availability during the class.


The sewing class is an adult class, for beginner and advanced level as well!


The following sewing classes are available:


Sewing class sessions are organized in the Riffellokaal of the Meelfabriek in Leiden: Maalderijstraat 2. See our contactpage for more information.


For the first session it is always good to have a plan of what you would like to sew. If you want to make something for your children, please bring the measurements of your children (hip, waist and length).

Sign up

The sewing sessions are available in a subscription for a weekly class, with a minimum duration of 12 sessions. After the first 12 sessions, the subscription is terminable weekly with a notice period of 3 weeks.

Please use the button below or send an e-mail: info@atelierkleurstof.nl

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