Send us an e-mail with your preferred day and time at info@atelierkleurstof.nl or use the online registration form. Together we will pick the date of your first session.  


The sessions cost € 300 per period of 12 sessions. Your subscription is valid for a weekly class at a fixed timeslot & teacher, until notice of termination, with a minimum duration of 12 sessions. 


There is a session every week, except for (school)holidays. You can find the timetable on our website www.atelierkleurstof.nl.  


There is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people in a session, including possible participants catching up.  


You will receive the invoice for your subscription by e-mail and you can pay online. If you pay the amount at once, you will get a discount on your subscription fee. Indicate your choice at the start of your subscription. 

  • One invoice of € 290 per period, payment is to be made 3 weeks before your first session. 
  • Two invoices of € 150 per period, the first payment is 3 weeks before your first session and the second payment to be made before your fifth session. 


If you are a first-time-participant, you can opt for a trial subscription. The trial subscription is for a period of 6 weeks and costs € 157,50. Payment is to be made 2 weeks before the first session. After the fourth session we will change your trial subscription into a regular subscription. 

If you decide to stop after your trial subscription, you can let us know up to 24 hours after your fourth session. You can stop your trial subscription by e-mailing us at info@atelierkleurstof.nl.  


In case you cannot make it to a session because of illness, work, or other reasons, you can catch up 2 missed sessions per period of 12 sessions, during the same session period, in another group.  

Note: this is a service based on availability. Only if you have let us know in time, you can use this service. If you cannot make it to a session, call or what’s app your instructor no later than 4 hours in advance. Contact your teacher for the possibilities of catching up 

Are you going on holiday for more the 1 week during a subscription period? You can discuss possible extension of your subscription period, only if you notify us at least one month in advance.  

Catching up is not possible when you have a trial subscription. 


In case of a cancellation of a session by the teacher, the expiration date of the subscription period moves up a week. 


After the first session period of 12 weeks, the subscription is weekly terminable with a notice period of 3 weeks. You can stop your subscription by e-mailing us at info@atelierkleurstof.nl.  

We will reimburse the rest of your subscription payment. We will apply the date of your written notice when determining your reimbursement. 


We always try our best to consider any unforeseen personal circumstances. Read our general terms and conditions here.