Hello!  I’m Carolina.  

I like to change things up. I like to create new things.  I’m curious and I like to evolve by learning. I love to do fine detail work and dive into different genres of creating. I embrace the new and unique. I love taking a flat piece of fabric, cutting it out and stitching it together to create a unique, made-to-measure garment.

I’d like to provide other sewing enthusiasts with inspiration, suggestions and skills to turn ideas or projects into tangible garments. I can help out from pattern reading, construction to finishing. I’d like to share how empowering it is to make own sized clothing. 

My sewing background?

Like many people, many years ago, most of my day involved sitting at a desk, typing on and staring at a computer hour upon hour.  While I enjoyed my job back then, I felt a strong impulse to use my hands and all senses for a more creative purpose. I wanted to recover a childlike sense of experimentation and play that I had lost since I became a grown up.

So one day, out of the blue, I bought a sewing machine. I was struggling with my conscience over my shopping habits and the implications of my contribution to the turnover of disposable fashion. However, I had never learnt how to make clothes myself!  Overnight, my mind started playing with shapes, textures and colours in a different way. My obsession with dressmaking was born. During the following years, I spent most of my time busy with fabrics, scrutinising stitches and construction. I was sewing for fun, although fun wasn’t always there when the end result was a frumpy project, at times intimidating and eventually off-putting. 

Over the following years my knowledge of sewing and pattern drawing grew as I gathered knowledge from books, formal training at Modeatelier IAM Couture and Meesteropleiding Coupeur (both still actively ongoing), blogs, a close circle of dressmakers (professionals & amateurs) and tons of trial and error.

As a mom of three, I know what it means to have a busy life. But I also know that when you love making, all it takes is little bits of time here and there to create something.  

Want to know more? I enjoy playing and listening to music, cooking, colors and startling my kids by crouching behind a wall and jumping out as they come around the corner. I enjoy aesthetic details of all sorts. I’m a buttons collectionist. I try to become less wasteful and more self-reliant. I celebrate rather than disparage activities historically considered the preserve of women.  I cherish the bond that outcomes from developing a passion within a group of people.

Did I miss something?  Ask me yourself! carolinaschapira@hotmail.com